Reclaim! Open Meeting on Tuesday, July 13th

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For those interested in our work, join us for an open meeting on the evening of July 13th. We’ll talk about some of our ongoing projects and the possibilities for collaboration.

Tuesday, July 13th
316 NW Fourth Avenue, Portland


Right 2 Survive, Mayday 2010

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A video from Right 2 Survive’s Mayday tent city at Washington High School, courtesy of the ::B Media Collective.

An Open Letter To The Community

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What we seek
Is to be an accepted part of this community.
We are, all of us,
Human beings.
We all have something of value
To bring to the table.
We all bring different life experiences and different life choices,
As well as
For myself,
That’s the beauty of the whole thing.
Here’s the thing:
We do not have to agree—our approach does not have to be the same
For this to happen.
Have to decide
To hang on past the letting go of preconceived ideas.
The fact is that it takes
Everyone of us
To grow a vital healthy community,
To embrace our strengths and bolster our weaknesses,
Thus bringing more safety and humanity to all of us,
Not just a few.
I believe that it is both feasible and possible
To form
Synergistic bonds from within.
The fact is that none of us,
The housed and the un-housed,
Are going anywhere,
And I find it far more appealing in that case
For all of us to learn how to help each other,
Rather than disrespect and hurt each other.
All of us as, a community and as human beings, are far too valuable
To act in fear and ignorance.
We are better than that,
Aren’t we?
What I would like you to do is to come
To our festival of resistance and discover
For yourselves
The alternatives we’ve come up with for the current issues
That surround Portland’s un-housed and the marginally housed,
And why I believe our joint efforts could be mutually beneficial.
And, hell, you just might end up having some fun in the process.

~ Right 2 Survive, 2010

Right 2 Survive’s 2010 Mayday Festival of Resistance!

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Neighbors, we ask for your assistance in reaching these goals:

(1) Support the right of every human being to sleep by overturning the camping ban;

(2) Oppose the sit-lie ordinance and other laws that are designed to target the most marginalized sectors of our community;

(3) Support low-income, affordable housing;

(4) Become a part of a rapid response network responding to human rights abuses, including police harassment and evictions.

Welcome to the Reclaim! Portland Website.

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This site is our one and only web presence, and you should find information about our work, the work of our allies, and relevant material regarding the national movement to reclaim public land in response to the ongoing housing pandemic.